HYDRA has passed GAZPROMSERT (System of voluntary certification) | XM Textiles



XM PROLINE fabric HYDRA has been successfully certified to GAZPROM certification system.

GAZPROMSERT system created to organize and work on voluntary conformity assessment in the form of voluntary certification:
• Products and systems management subsidiaries of OAO "Gazprom "
• Products and services purchased by OAO "Gazprom" for the implementation of its activities
• Quality management systems at enterprises supplying products and services

The objective of certification in systems of GAZPROMSERT:
- Improving the quality of products
- The ability to become a supplier of OAO "Gazprom"
- Enhancing the credibility of the service provider

Certification object in the system is GAZPROMSERT products produced in the gas industry, as well as products purchased for the operation of organizations and gas industry, for which standards system GAZPROMSERT and agreements (contracts) established requirements. 

During the certification the following parameters have been tested:
- Water-repellent properties; 
- Oil-repellent properties
- Surface Resistance < 2,5 × 10Om on the upper surface, determined according to EN 1149-1).
- Conductive yarns properties. (For the material with conductive yarns, the distance between the conductive yarns in the same direction should not exceed 10 mm in any part of clothes).

All positive results have been received according to the Russian standards of safety and antistatic protection. 
This fact confirms high quality of engineered fabrics of XM Fireline/XM Proline product line.