Quality | XM Textiles

The quality of textile products is formed during all stages of its producing, starting from manufacturing of yarn and threads for grey cloth up to the finish. Therefore the task for quality enhancement can be accomplished only by thorough and successful control system which embraces each process.

XM Textiles applies three stages quality control system.

XM Textiles quality scheme

The first stage includes testing the fabric at the place of production, namely:
-       Greige fabric examination
-       Controlling of the fabric after dyeing and inspecting adherence of finishing technology

At the second stage XM Textiles examines the finished products. According to common standards our experts inspect not less than 10% of total order amount. XM Textiles applies “Ten Points” method of fabric quality control which is created on the basis of American system “Four Points”. Current system assigns a certain amount of points to each defect according to its location and size. After that we can calculate total amount of points per roll and make a conclusion about its quality.

At the third stage samples are sent to our laboratory to provide final examination according to ISO standards as well as to confirm the shipment of present order. Under laboratory conditions we test shrinkage, color fastness to washing, wet and dry rubbing, tearing and tensile strength, color matching and PU-coating or WR-finish for fabrics which obtain these characteristics. When impossible to make examination in our laboratory (for example, for color fastness to light or formaldehyde content), samples are inspected in STR and SGS laboratories, which results are accepted worldwide.